Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Going Green - Federal Title ditches paper copies for USB Flash Drive

Federal Title Goes Green
The average closing takes approximately 200 sheets of paper. There are loan documents, closing documents, title and deed documents, letters to buyers, letters to sellers, letters to lenders etc. By using a USB Flash Drive to store your (borrower's) documents, we can reduce this number by an average of 32%. Let's do a quick translation of what you are saving*:

  • One tree provides 17 reams of paper (approximately)

  • In an average month at Federal Title, we can save 15 reams of paper by using a USB Flash Drive

  • In an average month at Federal Title, we can save almost THREE tons of water by using a USB Flash Drive

  • The average cost of a wasted page is $0.06

So by using Federal Title & Escrow Company, you are helping the environment by saving trees, water and energy. We will provide a complimentary flash drive or can load the documents on a flash drive you provide. Rather have it on email? We offer that option as well.

What is a flash drive and who can use it?
It is a small memory stick that is placed in your computer's USB port, from there you open it and can see all of your closing documents. We convert your package to Adobe PDF for simple browsing. With this easy paper reducing process, you simply print out the papers you need and browse the others.

What are the advantages of having your closing documents on a USB Flash Drive?
You can easily:

  • Email any of the documents as needed

  • Print any of the documents as needed

  • Browse your settlement documents

  • Store 50-75 sheets of paper in an area the size of your thumb

  • Add any other real estate documents to the Flash Drive so you have everything together

Federal Title clients already have an advantage of being tech savvy, you have ordered online, received an email copy of your closing costs and eliminated sending faxes back and forth. Take that savviness one step further by putting all of your closing documents on a USB Flash Drive - walk out of closing knowing you have saved trees, water, energy but most importantly, time.

*Information was calculated by referencing

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Closing Costs Explained Visually

Finally - our new video!!
We have been working on producing a video that explains closing and settlement costs, visually. Buying a house is a huge financial committment and one that should not be taken lightly. The number one question we get from buyers and borrowers is "How much is this going to cost?" While there is no easy way to answer this question, we have created a suite of tools to get buyers and borrowers started.

But this new video is the one we are most excited about, take a look and let us know what you think.