Friday, May 28, 2010

Real estate news update: 5-28

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D.C. a Best City for the next decade: Kiplingers
Washington Business Journal:
The magazine noted that D.C. gained more new residents between July 2008 and July 2009 than it did in any other one-year period since World War II.
Columbia Heights to get more condos
Washington Business Journal: The site sits near a mix of hot spots, including a hip coffee shop, RedRocks and the incoming Meridian Pint bar.
Home sales soar 15% in April
CNN Money: April was the second straight month of increases. In March new home sales snapped a four-month losing streak and surged� at the fastest single-month rate in 47 years.
More cities on the brink of bankruptcy
CNBC: The overall problem is that the $2.8 trillion muni bond market, long considered one of the safest havens for investors, now faces a daunting level of debt,
New home sales numbers good sign for economy
Seeking Alpha: April was crunch time to get in under the wire to claim the expiring tax credit. Thus, it is very likely that we will see a bit of a hangover next month.
New home prices: Median lowest since 2003
Calculated Risk
: Since modification programs and foreclosure delays limited the number of distressed sales - many buyers at the low end found buying a new home easier.

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