Thursday, February 12, 2009

Transparent Title Companies - Where are they?

By Ann Herdon Eskew


* Delivered an instant, online, guaranteed closing cost quote to you and your clients - specific to the transaction;
* Was independent and gave back part of its revenue to your home buyer; instead of giving money back to your broker through an Affiliated Business Arrangment;
* Allowed you to submit the transaction order entirely online.

Very few title companies offer a Web 2.0 experience when it comes to delivering service. In fact, most still cling to fax machines and land lines -- taking orders over the phone, quoting fees/costs over the phone. Further, many title companies have no room to significantly lower their fees to your client because they are kicking back 30% to 50% of the transaction revenue to a broker by way of an Affiliated Business Arrangment.

I am proud to say that my company, Federal Title, has remained independent for the last 13 years. We have grown to be the largest independent title company in the Washington, DC metro area. Our growth is directly attributed to our ability to deliver instant, online, and guaranteed closing cost quotes to agents, home buyers, and mortgage lenders. It is also attributed to our REAL Credit Program in which we give back part of our revenue to the home buyer rather than a referral source. The consumer loves transparency and savings and we deliver.

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