Wednesday, July 28, 2010

6 real estate headlines: 7-28

A daily dose of headlines for real estate agents, mortgage lenders and consumers.

What might move mortgage rates in the weeks ahead?
Mortgage News Daily:
The movement of mortgage rates was more reflective of competition and turn times in the primary mortgage market. This has been a theme lately.
Home sales surge in June with inventory at 42-year low
: But downward revisions to sales estimates for April and May left a picture of a weak housing market and perceptions of moderated economic growth.
Americans more trusting of financial industry
The Atlantic: Since the financial crisis, banking, stocks, and the rest of the market have slowly begun to heal. Despite a relatively weak second quarter, Americans are feeling better about finance.
Housing shortage on the horizon?
Smart Money: Take a step back from the current doom and gloom of foreclosures and declining sales and focus on the low construction levels over the past few years, some say a housing shortage might be in the offing.
Dont hold your breath for a bounce in home prices
Forbes: Despite four years of falling prices and recent signs that they were finally bottoming out, homes are expected to lose still more value in many metro areas over the next year.
D.C. law expands no-smoking around buildings
Washington Business Journal
: Building owners and property managers in D.C. as of Tuesday will be allowed to post signs barring smoking within 25 feet of their outer walls.

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