Tuesday, March 15, 2011

6 real estate headlines: 15-Mar

A daily dose of headlines for real estate agents, mortgage lenders and consumers.

Region's economic output returns to pre-recession levels
Washington Examiner
: However, the region's housing rebound, while steadier than the rest of the country, still has a long way to crawl before prices approach pre-recession levels.

D.C. Area tops list of real estate markets to watch in 2011
DC Urban Turf
: The index reports, median family income was $101,700 and the median home sales price was $277,000, while 78.8 percent of homes in the DC area were deemed affordable.

Wading back into real estate
: Another spring, another burst of hope for a real estate market recovery. And, so for many, to list or not to list � that is the question.
Republicans move to end Obama mortgage programs
Wall Street Journal
: Republicans say the government should stop trying to ease the housing crisis and instead focus on reducing the growing federal deficit and national debt.
Military buyers: Home shoppers on a mission
Washington Post
: Anyone trying to sell a home in the D.C. area would be wise to learn more about the needs and habits of military officers, enlisted people and their families.
Major changes ahead for mortgage system
Washington Post
: Fundamental changes are probably ahead for the American mortgage system as the federal government pushes to unwind its involvement in the housing market.


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