Friday, October 28, 2011

Real estate round-up: October 28

Check in every business day for the latest edition of Real Estate Round-up, where we post a list of our favorite real estate news stories from DC and beyond.

Headlines from the DC Metro Area:

How to buy a short sale property
Washington Post

From the short sale home buyer's perspective, this third-party (lender) approval process is the major difference between a short sale and a regular sale. The short-sale home-buying process begins in the same manner as any other purchase: locating a home, determining a proposed offer price and preparing a written purchase offer.

Winterizing helps wallet, even sales appeal
Washington Times

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, most homeowners nationwide can expect a rise in costs associated with home heating this winter

New park in Southwest is in the works
The Dirt

A 4.2-acre park is slowly taking shape where a huge parking lot now exists on the southwest waterfront in Washington, D.C. The new redevelopment along the waterfront will use a denser development strategy for the buildings and wharfs, with some 50 percent open space,

National real estate news stories:

Freddie Mac CEO to step down
Wall Street Journal

The chief executive of Freddie Mac said he would step down next year, becoming the second CEO to resign from the mortgage-finance giant since it was taken over by the U.S. government in 2008.

Economic growth in U.S., though modest, speeds up
The New York Times

Economic growth in the United States picked up in the third quarter, the Commerce Department said Thursday, in an encouraging sign that the recovery, while still painfully slow, has not stalled.

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