Monday, June 7, 2010

Real estate news update: 6-07

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A fresh look at rent vs. buy
Wall Street Journal:
Homeowners need to look first and hardest at present cash flow. If renting is much cheaper than buying, think seriously about it.
Trulia introduces the Rent vs. Buy Index
Trulia: Price-to-rent ratio uses the average list price compared with average rent on 2 bedroom apartments, condos and townhomes listed on

Fed has new set of reasons to stay the course
CNBC: How an increasingly impatient market takes such a timeline is, of course, very uncertain, but low rates can be a stigma as much as they can be stimulative.

Jury still on on tax credit benefit: homebuilder
USA Today: Home sales will decline in coming months now that the government incentive has ended, as high unemployment keeps many buyers on the fence.
Why title companies hate technology
Forbes: Changing the title system involves not just developing new technologies, but also fighting political battles against special interests that profit from the current system.
Is housing already double dipping?
Seeking Alpha
: As the end of Spring buying season coincided with the tax credit the buyers have literally become non-existent in the housing market.

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