Friday, September 23, 2011

Real estate round-up: September 23

Check in every business day for the latest edition of Real Estate Round-up, where we post a list of our favorite real estate news stories from DC and beyond.

Headlines from the DC Metro Area:

Caveats for helping children buy a house
Washington Times

Some parents are opting to help their adult children get into the real estate market by giving them cash for a down payment, co-signing a home loan or arranging a rent-to-own scenario.

Homeowners guide to confusing crime statistics
Sun Gazette

Numbers are only an indication of the past. It's still important to be proactive instead of reactive. A home security system can help protect your home and family during this period of uncertainty and into the future.

National real estate news stories:

Buying a home safer investment than gold
Inman News

Among current homeowners, 80 percent said they plan to buy another home in the future and 57 percent said owning a home is among the best long-term investments they could make.

Mortgage rates at their lowest rate in 60 years
ABC News

But as anyone who has ever purchased a home knows, there is much more to consider when thinking of the bottom line on a home purchase or refinance. But if you shop around and check old documents, you could shaving hundreds of dollars off closing expenses.

Property prices near coast holding up better
Miami Herald

In Florida, the coastal market had 5,101 existing home sales in the first quarter, the highest total in five years. But a large number of distressed sales dragged average prices down 14 percent. Among non-distressed properties, prices went up 0.4 percent.

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