Thursday, September 29, 2011

Real estate round-up: September 29

Check in every business day for the latest edition of Real Estate Round-up, where we post a list of our favorite real estate news stories from DC and beyond.

Headlines from the DC Metro Area:

New condo project gets moving in Mount Vernon Triangle
DC Urban Turf

The new project would be following in the footsteps of CityVista and Yale Lofts, condo developments built over the last decade that represented the changing face of the area.

The risk of asking too much for your house
Baltimore Sun

It can seem counter-intuitive, especially to a seller who is trying to account for the possibility of lower offers from buyers by making the asking price 10 percent higher than he would actually take. But in a market where sale prices are dropping and lots of listings are jostling for attention, pricing too high really hurts sellers.�

National real estate news stories:

Vetting the lender
The New York Times

Ferreting out good information is not that easy. For one thing, different kinds of lenders are held to different rules, licenses and disclosure requirements.

Can mortgage servicing be saved from itself?
Wall Street Journal

Loan servicers have been forced to revamp their operations after revelations surfaced a year ago that they used so-called robo-signers who signed foreclosure documents without personally verifying their contents, possibly breaking state laws.

Their efforts to foreclose on members of the military have also raised alarms. And many homeowners were not offered loan modifications despite being eligible for them.

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