Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Real estate round-up: September 28

Check in every business day for the latest edition of Real Estate Round-up, where we post a list of our favorite real estate news stories from DC and beyond.

Headlines from the DC Metro Area:

Jair Lynch buys a block on H Street
Washington City Paper

It's just one of a bunch of big moves on H Street lately, with a deal for Murry's in the works, H Street Connection ready to go, and the Autozone site and 1350 Maryland spoken for.

DC home prices show slight annual increase: Case Schiller
DC Urban Turf

The index reported that home prices in the DC area increased on both a monthly (+2.4%) and annual (+0.3%) basis.

Where does the dirt go?
Washington City Paper

As long as construction keeps rolling, the D.C. dirt economy will do well.

Why do women pay more for mortgages?
National Association of Realtors

Authors of a recent study offer another explanation suggesting that women pay higher rates because they are more likely to choose lenders by recommendation while men tend to search for the lowest rate.

National real estate news stories:

Who wants to buy a new home?
Wall Street Journal

New homes are designed for the way Americans live today, maximizing the usability of space and offering amenities that speak to modern needs, such as big closets. Plus, new homes are built to be more energy efficient.

How are mortgage rates determined?

If you are watching mortgage rates so you can lock in a loan at the best time, you will notice that rates tick up and down regularly. Here are a few of the factors that regularly influence mortgage rates.

America's top cities: Cheapest real estate in the world?

Even though many economists predict that prices may continue to fall, thus expressing a view that U.S. real estate is still overpriced, real estate in America's top cities is cheap when compared with the rest of the world.�

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